2021 Metal OX Lucky Prosperity Basket

2021 Metal OX Lucky Prosperity Basket

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Each charms are originally designed with specific purpose in enhancing the lucky energy for the Year of the Metal OX.

Use for Chinese New Year - February 12 2021

1. Open the prosperity basket on February 11 2021 then close it on February 13 2021, 12 midnight.

2. Don't throw and keep it.

In Feng Shui, an overloaded wealth basket stands for the abundance of wealth. It is a way of making sure that there is a constant inflow if money and financial profit in the particular place.

People who put their trust in the philosophical system if Feng Shui have placed this scared cure called a Feng Shui Wealth Basket in different places and have witnessed the abundance of wealth in their homes.

A Feng Shui Wealth Basket is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Just like the way farmers believe in the rule, the more you plant, the bigger the harvest at the end day in the same way, we too are the farmers of our own wealth.

The legend of the Chinese basket began when it was used to transfer luxury food for the royal family.

An overloaded Feng Shui Wealth Basket can come in various shapes and sizes, while some are completely golden in colour, some are available in a pretty colour scheme.

While some are small in size, others are huge. Nevertherless they all perform the same task of multiplying the wealth of a person.

Significance of Feng Shui Wealth Basket

1. According to chinese culture, the south-east direction of a place  represents the corner of wealth, placing a Feng Shui Wealth Basket in that corner is recommended by Feng Shui practitioners.

2. Making the overloaded basket face the main door of a place ensures the entry of good fortune and positive energy in a place.

3. Because this Feng Shui cure is so closely related to wealth and success, it is advised to be placed in the work place or the shop of a person.

4. More specifically, since the cash counter of the money safe attracts the most amount of wealth, placing a Feng Shui Wealth Basket around this place is a sure-shot way of increasing it.

5. Displaying this in the North-West direction of a work place leads to better business opportunities and a rise in money-finding ways.

6. Staying around a Feng Shui Wealth Basket helps the human mind stay focused on its professional goals. This would further lead to a sharper mind, ready to work towards better financial conditions.

7. Small Feng Shui Wealth Basket can be easily carried in a purse for the purpose of attracting wealth.

8. Such a basket can also be placed in the car for better financial luck on the go.

9. It is said that more the number of baskets, better are the chances of exceptional wealth growth for the person.

10. This Feng Shui charm is also a perfect gift option for the near and dear ones of a person.

A Feng Shui Wealth Basket is said to be bringer of monetary wealth and financial prosperity.

If placed properly, according to its rules and regulations, this good luck charm can easily increase the wealth of a person manifold.


Year of the OX, wear or put a lucky wealth, success in business, bring good fortune and good luck, protection, anti-negative and evil, attract romantic and harmony love in 2021

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